Trinity Concrete Analysis

The environmental science program at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut provides a rapid and reliable test for the mineral pyrrhotite, the mineral responsible for the premature crumbling of concrete foundations. Since the spring of 2018, we have tested more than 300 homes, businesses and municipal buildings in both Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our analysis is performed in our labs at the college by Professors Christoph Geiss and Jonathan Gourley and we are actively conducting new research to better understand the issue.

To get started with our test, homeowners should contact Tim Heim from the Connecticut Coalition for Crumbling Basements LLC who can extract concrete core samples. Tim can be reached directly at (860) 929-1254 to schedule coring appointments. We also receive a small number of cores from Sherwood Inspections (860) 646-9983 through Gary Presa of Core Solutions (860)-804-7364. Due to our stringent chain of custody protocol, we currently cannot accept loose cores from homeowners directly or from other contractors.

Once we receive the cores at Trinity (usually within a couple days), we test the concrete in our labs and generate a report. For an example report, click here. These reports can be used for testing reimbursement, home disclosures, property tax relief (visual inspections may also be required), and claims to the captive insurance group for Connecticut homeowners that are seeking concrete replacements. These .pdf reports are sent to the purchaser(s) of the test via email.

We are in the process of expanding this site with more content and up-to-date data as we learn more from our testing results and student research projects. Stay tuned!

For further information on the pyrrhotite issue and Trinity’s testing method, please check out our page on Frequently Asked Questions.

For further information on Trinity’s Environmental Science program, click here.